What clients have said about working with Debbie:

“Debbie is a unique industry professional … I was impressed by her intuition and her out of the box problem solving. She is honest, direct, and empathetic, and is able to easily draw upon relevant anecdotes from her experiences … and it was a privilege working with her.”
–VP, software company

“It’s great having Debbie’s advice in my head during tough conversations, like a very wise thought bubble.”
–Internal strategy consultant, banking

“One of my key managers was self-destructing despite his talent. Working with Debbie was his last chance for survival. Ten years later he is a success, and has had significant promotions to positions with university-wide scope.”
–University vice president

“Our business isn’t viable and neither of us is going to have a personality change, so we had better realize it and close up shop. It’s a hard decision to make, but it became clear and felt like a relief as I worked through the options with Debbie.”
–IT entrepreneur

“Debbie didn’t just edit my resume, she helped me understand what I’m good at and how to explain it. And then to go do it well.”
–Mechanical engineer

“By talking with Debbie I realized that although it’s financially possible, I don’t want to retire yet. So I won’t! But I will change how I work and make sure there is a good plan to carry on my research when I leave.”
–College professor

“I don’t know exactly what they talked about, but my daughter found new confidence through working with Debbie. She now has a great job and is earning enough money to move out of our house.”
–Mother of a twenty-something

“I didn’t realize that what I should be learning on this job is how to work in a confusing management system. I already know how to bake a great product, so that’s the real challenge.”
–Pastry chef

“Debbie helped me figure out how to do the work I love, and believed I’d find the right job. She stuck with me, and I did.”
–Design professional